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Canebridge International Corporation is a hospitality agency located in Norcross, Georgia with branch offices throughout the Southeastern United States. Our mission is simple; to provide the best qualified staff performing the highest quality service, period. Canebridge's growth remains solid through excellent customer service and client satisfaction. As a result, our future is bright. We are committed to each client by developing & maintaining a successful business relations based on their needs and vision of their property. We are currently providing services in hotels, office buildings, office complex, condominium associations, industrial buildings and parking facilities. At Canebridge, we believe in what we do. We believe in helping our clients to reach their goals because we believe in their success as much as in ours.  

Canebridge strives to develop a comprehensive understanding of the uniqueness of our clients and base our services on their needs. We have established ourselves as an industry forerunner in our fields of services. We have earned a reputation for quality service and consistent performance as advertised. From corporate management through front line personnel, our business philosophy places great emphasis on effective resource management and constant attention to meticulous detail. This philosophy assures each individual client an immediate response to any condition or problem that may arise at their facility from within all levels of Canebridge.



   C A N E B R I D G E

           I N T E R N A T I O N A L  C O R P O R A T I O N



Our mission is to provide the best trained associates to perform at the highest levels. Services include, managers, supervisors, for security and janitorial services. Front line associates, for security, housekeeping, maintenance and janitorial services. With this we strive to meet the needs of our clients who solicit our services based on the needs of our clients.


            Hotels & Resorts

  • Executive Housekeepers

  • Front Desk Employees

  • Front Desk Supervisors

  • Housekeepers

  • Hotel Concierge 

  • Laundry Attendant

  • Housekeepers Supervisors

  • Engineer / Maintenance

  • Housemen

  • Breakfast Personnel

        Office Buildings

  • Perimeter Cleaning

  • Pressure Washing

  • Floor Scrubbing

  • Sweeping

  • Mopping

  • Waxing & Sealing

  • Buffing

  • Polishing

  • Dusting & Wiping

  • Vacuuming

  • Spot Cleaning



At Canebridge, we are committed to being a resource to our clients and strive to continuously provide  superior customer service. Our professionally trained associates and management team inspire confidence and trust among our clients and their customers. We set out to provide comprehensive employment services that are tailored to each client and for each facility or event. With years of experience we thrive on helping companies leverage the power of a flexible workforce.



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   "Since we decided to hire Canebridge,       we feel so much better about how we       look to our clients... excellent service"



"Hire Canebridge International Corp., not only do they provide our company with trained employees, they provide us human resources assistance. Anyone can provide a beating heart through the door; Canebridge provides that same heart, but already geared and ready to work."
     "Good company to keep and with competitive pricing"



It is great to work with such professionals, your team is hands down the

Best I’ve worked with in the last five years.  Please tell everyone “Thank You”

For all their hard work.  This is not an easy place to work but everyone is

Very much appreciated.




If you are eager to learn more about Canebridge as much as we are to learn about your business needs, you’re in the right place. Canebridge is rooted in service-quality for our clients. after all, this is what we believe, quality service first.

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